Get myself back on board

Do what you can’t!

Few of you might hear this sentence from a samsung commercial, but I have heard this from one of the greatest influencer on youtube since the past year and never really get what it mean.

Until recently.

I realize that the person that told me that I can’t finish my thesis is myself. I kept telling myself that I can’t work on this thesis. Doubting myself that I don’t have the capability to finish it. I’ve been ignoring people who told me that I should finish it and blame them for not understanding myself and that is totally wrong.

So Here I am back again for the 3rd or 4th time (I don’t know, I lost count) on my thesis, taking another shot on making a new strategy to finish it on time.

Don’t know how many times I let Mr. UR down. And yet he kept believing in me that I can do this and finish this. And this time I have the confidence to do it based on your trust.

So To Mr. UR I humbly apologize for my bad behavior and thanks a bunch for still trusting me to do this.

To all the people who read this, remember there are people who doubt you but there are more people believe in you. Build up your confidence because it is in yourself all along, you just need to wake him up.

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